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An emergency stop button​, or emergency stop switch[1] is a button or switch used to stop an elevator, escalator or moving walkway in case of a suitable emergency.



These buttons/switches are used to stop the car in case of emergency or just for loading purpose, especially in service or freight elevators. Some stop switches are either flip type (like some older Mitsubishi, Hitachi and GoldStar elevators) or push-and-pull type (like most old Otis elevators). The elevator cab will not start until the button/switch/keyswitch is reset. They are normally found in older elevators installed before 1980s, and rarely found on most modern elevators nowadays, with the exception of a few countries that require them; depending on the country stop switches may even have been disconnected. Its method of implementation varies between manufacturers but is usually achieved by breaking safety.

However, the car top, machine room, controller, shaft pit stop buttons, and the button near the ladder are still exist, to protect the elevator mechanics' safety.

Escalator or moving walkway

The escalator or moving walkway version of the buttons are placed on the both end or between (if this is long) of the escalator or moving walkway. These are the compulsory part of the escalator or moving walkway.


When pressed, the elevator will stop immediately and abruptly, while escalator, or moving walkway will stop slowly to prevent the passengers getting injured[2]. This is true even if there is otherwise nothing wrong with the elevator. On some elevators, tripping the interlocks will have the same effect.


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