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An elevator machine room (sometimes known as elevator machinery room or lift motor room) is a room that house elevator drives and controllers.


Typically, entrance to elevator machine rooms are located off a public corridor, usually located on a rooftop penthouse of a building or through a mechanical equipment room. if they are located in a room or space containing other machinery (such as the controllers) and equipment essential to the operation of the building, provided that they are separated from the other machinery or equipment by a substantial metal grille enclosure. Traction elevator machine rooms are usually located directly above the hoist way of the elevator served by that equipment; for bottom drive traction types, the machine room is usually located next to the elevator bank or bottom of the shaftway. In older installations where space is at a premium, particularly in high-rise buildings, the machine room is sometimes split over two levels in order to house the traction equipment, motor-generator (MG) sets and the relay controllers. Typically, an upgrade to a solid state controller and variable frequency drive (in place of the M-G set) can free up this space for other uses.

Hydraulic elevator machine rooms are almost always located on the ground floor or in the basement, normally close to the elevators. It is possible for the hydraulic machine room to be located above the shaft.




Inside the Elevator Motor Room - 2005 Schindler Traction Elevators

Elevator machine room of a modernized Schindler elevators (video: SchindlerLift1874).

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