Note: I've STOPPED making animated elevators since December 2014. Requests are NO LONGER accepted!

This is the official request page for the AnimatedLift Productions. Remember, follow all the request format and the rules below before submitting your request. For more information, please proceed to the main page.

Please fill out your request with the following data:
  • Name of building (you can select fictional or real building name)
  • Elevator brand
  • Rated capacity (... persons/
  • Number of floors to be served
  • Elevator model/series
  • Elevator type (traction, hydraulic, or MRL)
  • Elevator fixtures
  • Elevator cab design (basic or custom)
  • Featured person(s)/elevator filmer(s) (up to 6 persons, do not more than 6 persons)
  • Additional notes (optional, please describe as much as you can)
Please note the following rules very carefully:
  • Please note that I only accept 3 elevator animation requests. The request will be temporarily closed once all three animations have been accepted. Request will open again once all animations are finished and uploaded to SL74Offtopic.
    • If anyone submitting their request during temporary request page closure, it will be rejected.
  • Please do not request more than two elevators in one animation (example: five elevators in one animation video) or "elevator tour". This is very time consuming and can took me very long time to make them. Only two elevators are enough. Posting more than two elevators in one request will result in an INSTANT WARNING from the Admin without exception (no tolerance given). Repeated behaviour will get you BLOCKED for a specified period.
  • If the number of featured person exceeded more than 6, it will be reduced to 6 persons.
  • Don't forget to stamp your name or your signature by typing ~~~~ or {{your signature template}}.
  • Only autoconfirmed users in this wiki is eligible to request animated elevators (this mean you have a right to edit the request page).
    • Also, the request will be rejected if the requester is an impersonator/fake person.
  • When request page is closed for a specified period, please do not sent a message to me about requesting a message, otherwise it will be rejected.
  • Don't expect or demand a response since I tend to be very busy and get overwhelmed with the requests. This is considered rude, if you do this, your request is rejected.
Problem and suggestions:

Should you have any question or would leave a suggestion, please drop a message to my talk page.

The request page may be locked out when requests are closed for a specified period.

Please check the completed request archive page if your request completed.

Please check the rejected request archive page if your request was rejected.

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