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Floor Selector abandoned

Modern elevator system no longer use any floor selector. So, they mostly go to scrap for the device replacement.

A floor selector is a mechanical device that shows the position of the elevator car in the shaft without using memory. Mechanical floor selectors were common in relay-driven elevators installed before around 1985. These devices are found in the elevator machine room and are only found in traction elevators. This device on older elevators is currently being replaced with magnetic switches and proximity sensors for the car top and limit switches in the top and bottom of the shaft (with microprocessor controller).

Historic featured article

September - December, 2014

Kone MonoSpace governor

An overspeed governor installed in the machine room less elevator.

An overspeed governor is an elevator device which act as a stop device in case the elevator runs beyond the rated speed. This device must be installed in the traction elevators and roped hydraulic elevators.

May - August, 2014

M-Line buttons push

A building without 13th floor since that is unlucky.

Unlucky floor numbers are usually meant for some cultures that recognizes some numbers meant for bad things, such as death. This except some of the building owners don't care about this like Public Housing Estate blocks built by Hong Kong Housing Authority

January - April, 2014

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Lift Upgrading Programme is a program run by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore. It's a project which upgrades and improves elevators at HDB flats across Singapore which most of the flats were built before the year 1990. Just earlier than similar program in Hong Kong and the only elevator modernization and addition have a political issues.

September - December, 2013

Unknown Elevator Fixtures

This page is dedicated to unknown brand elevator fixtures. If you don't know the brand of an elevator fixture, post it in the unidentified fixtures section, and post any known information about it (date elevator was installed, brand name of elevator if known, country). If you identify the brand of an elevator fixture on this list, move it to the identified fixtures section, and put the brand/series name if known as the description.

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