Elevatorpedia (formerly Elevator Wiki then The Elevator Guide Wiki) is a wiki about elevators that any elevator enthusiasms (whether from YouTube or anywhere else) can edit and contribute here.

The wiki was founded in 2010 as Elevator Wiki by TheElevatorMaster (which has since inactive). At that time, the wiki was vacant and very undeveloped, with only 5 articles were available which all of them were all blank.

Two years later, the wiki was discovered by SchindlerLift1874 and he started to contribute the wiki a little bit. However, due to lack of users contributing the wiki, SchindlerLift1874 decided to abandone the wiki for several days, then came back to contribute more and develope a little in July 2012 and promote the site on his YouTube channel. Later, the wiki was renamed to The Elevator Guide Wiki, suggesting that the wiki contains some guide about elevator-related stuffs. On September 2012, SchindlerLift1874 requested to become an administrator to the Community Central so he can manage, maintain and own the wiki. Later, EddoAKA99 was elected a secondary administrator in December 2012. In August 2013, Gooper1 was elected as an administrator then later on December 31, 2013, Test Tower was elected as an administrator. On June 12, 2014, OtisElevatorGuy1 was elected as an administrator and on November 5, 2014, Dieselducy, which is also a very famous elevator filmer in the elevator community was elected as the sixth administrator. Finally, TheDragonFire was elected as an administrator on September 26, 2018. Today, Elevatorpedia has seven administrators.


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