Elevadores Sûr S/A
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1945 (Porto Alegre, Brazil)


Danilo Lopes

Acquired by

Thyssen (1999)

Succeeded by

Thyssen Sûr Elevadores and Technologia (1999-2002)
ThyssenKrupp Elevadores S/A (2002-now)


1945 - 1999



Elevadores Sûr S/A (or simply known as Elevadores Sûr) was an elevator company based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was one of the two major Brazilian elevator companies prior to the 21st century; the other one (and also a competitor) was Elevadores Atlas.


The company was established in 1945 by Danilo Lopes in Porto Alegre and originally started as a timepiece manufacturer, until 1965 when the company decided to focus on manufacturing elevators and changed its name to "Elevadores Sûr S/A Industria e Comercio". From 1974 to 1977, the company had a technological association with Fujitec. It produced its 25.000th elevator in 1994. The company remained independent until September 1999 when Thyssen acquired the company. When Thyssen bought the company, it became "Thyssen Sûr Elevadores " until 2002 when it changed name to "ThyssenKrupp Elevadores S/A".


  • When Elevadores Sûr had a partnership with Fujitec, the company used Fujitec's square touch sensitive buttons on their elevators[1].
  • The company was also responsible for developing the "Top Line" fixtures line (also known as "Frequencedyne" and later "Discovery"), which was later re-produced by thyssenkrupp in Brazil and was used in Central and South America[2].

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