ECI (Electronic Controls Inc.) is a company that manufactures elevator parts. ECI was founded in 1983. They repair circuit boards and drives, exchange circuit boards (they ship to you good board, you ship to them defective board, defective board repaired if possible, otherwise replaced), and sell circuit boards made for and manufactured by other companies.


ECI manufactures residential elevator door operators, elevator light fixtures (CabLite (possibly now discontinued) series/CabLite II series/WhiteKnight series/LED Light Bar Strip (possibly now discontinued)/Demarcation Light (possibly now discontinued), Dover emergency light boards made by ECI, LiteWizard (device that turns cab lights off when elevator is idle for 5 minutes), universal door operator boards, MAC 104 door operator boards manufactured by ECI, and Schindler QKS door operator boards manufactured by ECI. These next products might be discontinued: Elevator interlocks (least likely to be discontinued), aluminum ceiling frames, car top inspection stations, emergency lights (Merlite) and possibly other things.


They manufacture fuse testers, a relay tester, a Schindler diagnostic tool, and a Dover DMC-I and DMC-II repair tool.

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