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Double Deck Elevator is a type of elevator consists of two cabins attached together. Example, one car stops at even floors and the other stops at the odd floors. Depending on their destination, passengers can mount one car in the lobby or take an escalator to a landing for the alternate car.

Double-deck elevators save time and space in high-occupancy buildings by mounting one car upon another.

The world first double-deck elevators are installed in the Empire State Building by Otis in 1931.[1]

List of notable double deck elevator installations


Building name Location Manufacturer Year installed Note
8 Shenton Way Singapore Otis 1986 The first double deck installation in Singapore. Modernized in 2007 and again in 2017 with Otis CompassPlus.
Republic Plaza Singapore Otis 1995
District 8 - Treasury Tower Jakarta, Indonesia Kone 2016 The first double-deck elevator system in Indonesia.[2]
Hysan Place at Lee Gardens Hong Kong, China Mitsubishi 2012[3] The first double deck elevator installation by Mitsubishi in Hong Kong.
International Commerce Centre Hong Kong, China Schindler (Schindler 7000 Multi-Deck) 2011[3] The first double deck elevator installation by Schindler in Hong Kong (also firstly implemented with Schindler PORT).
Sun Hung Kai Centre Hong Kong, China Otis 1991[3] The first double deck elevator installation in Hong Kong and it already modernized.
Beijing Yintai Center Beijing, China Otis
Shanghai World Finance Centre Shanghai, China ThyssenKrupp 2007
Two International Finance Centre Hong Kong, China Otis 2003[3]
One Island East (Taikoo Place) Hong Kong, China Otis 2008[3] Only the double deck elevators in this building installed with pantograph between lower deck and upper deck in Hong Kong.
World Trade Centre (Shopping Centre) Hong Kong, China Toshiba 2008[3] Replaced from the original Schindler single deck elevators when landlord expanded the shopping centre.
Taipei 101 Taipei, Taiwan Toshiba/Kone 2004 Made with association between Toshiba and Kone.
Taipei Nan Shan Plaza Taipei, Taiwan Mitsubishi 2018 [4]
Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Otis 1996
Bitexco Financial Tower Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Otis 2010 The most advanced elevator system in Vietnam. Equipped with Otis Compass system and pantograph between lower deck and upper deck.
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Tokyo, Japan Otis 2003
Burj Khalifa Dubai, United Arab Emirates Otis 2010 The only double deck elevator system installed with pantograph between lower deck and upper deck in Middle East.
Capital Plaza Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Kone 2010


Building name Location Manufacturer Year installed Note
201 Elizabeth Street Sydney, Australia Otis 1978 (by Elevators Pty. Ltd.) The first double deck elevators in Australia. Modernized by Otis.
Sydney Tower Sydney, Australia EPL KONE 1981 Modernized by Otis.

North America (United States and Canada)

Building name Location Manufacturer Year installed Note
Empire State Building New York, United States Otis 1931 Modernized
Sears Tower/Willis Tower Chicago, United States Westinghouse 1973 Modernized by Schindler
First Canadian Place Toronto, Canada Otis 1975
Scotia Plaza Toronto, Canada Schindler 1988


Building name Location Manufacturer Year installed Note
Eiffel Tower Paris, France Otis 1889
Heron Tower London, United Kingdom Schindler 2011
Broadgate Tower London, United Kingdom ? 2009
Torre Picasso Madrid, Spain ? 1988
Kone High Rise Laboratory Tytyri, Finland Kone 2003


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