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Cibes Lift is a Swedish company specializes in low speed screw-driven elevators and accessibility solutions for homes, private and public environments. Based in Gävle, Sweden, the company makes platform lifts and cabin lifts. It is one of the leading manufacturers of low speed screw-driven elevators with more than 50.000 units installed, 900 employees, has branches in 50 countries, and more than 200 distributors.

Cibes Lift is a brand of Cibes Lift Group. The group operates three brands of platform lift, cabin lift and stairlift products; Cibes Lift, Kalea Lifts, and NTD Lifts. The name Cibes originated from the first letters of the company's founder; Civil engineer Bertil Svegberg.[1]


Previous Cibes Lift logo, used until early 2019.

Cibes was founded in 1947 by Bertil Svegberg, and at that time he originally made freight elevators. They developed their first generation disabled lifts and marketed on the Swedish market in the mid 1960s. Later in the 1970s, they developed a unique screw-driven design elevators and were recommended by Swedish authority responsible for work environment issue because of its high safety levels, and in the 1980s, they launched A-Lift, a lift designed for disabled people with shaft walls which became a market success. In the 1990s, Cibes began exporting their product to Finland and Norway, and eventually exported to outside the Scandinavia. The company is also one of the co-founders of the European Platform & Stairlift Association (EPSA) in the late 1990s.

Subsidiaries and joint venture

Company name Country Notes
Aesy Lift België B.V.B.A. Belgium
Aesy Liften B.V Netherlands
Axess 4 All Ltd. United Kingdom
Cibes Lift UK Ltd. United Kingdom
Cibes Lift AB Shanghai Company Limited China Based in Shanghai
Cibes Lift AS Norway
Cibes Lift Asia Ltd. Hong Kong, China
Cibes Lift France SARL France
Cibes Lift Ibérica S.L Spain
Cibes Lift International AB
Cibes Lift MENA DWC-LLC UAE Joint venture with Dubai-based Al-Qaqa Group.
For Middle East and North Africa region.
Hissipörssi Yhtiöt Oy Finland
Cibes Lift (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Thailand
Cibes Lift Vietnam Co. Ltd. Vietnam
PT. Cibes Lift Indonesia Indonesia
Cibes Lift Philippines Pvt. Ltd. Philippines
Cibes Lift India Pvt. Ltd. India
GS-Aufzüge GmbH Austria
Cibes Lift Deutschland GmbH Germany
Cibes Lift USA United States
Titan Elevators United


Company name Country Notes
Lifts Services Ltd. Malta
New Zealand Engineering Services New Zealand
Octagon Lifts Australia
Solar Alert Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Vestner NZ Limited New Zealand


Platform lifts

Cibes makes multiple types of modular platform lifts:

  • A4000: Platform lift for private homes that can be fitted in stairwells.
  • A5000: Platform lift for adaptable solution which can be installed for indoor or outdoor environments, and available in 7 dimensions.
  • Voyager Line: Comprising of 4 models (Elegance / Aurora / Galaxy / Limited) of premium home lifts equipped with touchscreens
  • Voyager Air Line: Comprising of 2 models (Elegance Air / Galaxy Air) upgraded with a built-in high-powered fan on the platform
  • Cibes Air: New model designed for the home with handle-based buttons for ease of usability
  • A8000: Heavy duty platform lift (up to 1000 kg/8 persons) for loading of goods and stretcher.
  • B385: Open platform lift which can travel up to 3 meters.

Cabin lifts

Cibes also makes conventional elevators (called Cabin Lifts) for residential and commercial buildings using screw and nut driven mechanism and either manual or automatic sliding doors. The cabin lift models in production are:

  • C-Series: Luxurious cabin lift available with and without a ready-made shaft.

Notable installations


  • TeamSportia store, Gävle
  • Gävle Concert Hall, Gävle
  • Lantmäterigatan 2A, Gävle
  • Dalarna University (Library), Falun
  • Lugnet Ski Stadium, Falun
  • Källgatan 11, Södernham
  • Ohlsons Tyger, Kugnsgatan
  • Öster Centrum, Österväg 6, Visby, Gotland
  • Hangövägen 26, Värtahamnen (Replaced with a Motala Hissar 2000)
  • Tekniska Museet
  • Zinkensdamm Hostel
  • Växbovägen 17B, Bollnäs
  • Jumbo Stay, Stockholm


  • PT. Cibes Lift Indonesia office, The Kensington Commercial, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
  • Hati Kudus Kramat Parochial Church - St. Anthony's Building, Jakarta (2018)
  • Taman Grisenda, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
  • Katamaran Permai, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
  • Mall of Indonesia (access to H&M), Jakarta (2019)
  • VIVERE Gallery (Dewi Sri), Kuta, Bali (2017)
  • Mantra Spices Restaurant, Seminyak, Bali

United Kingdom

  • Doctor Experience, Cardiff (Wales)
  • David Lloyds, Worthing
  • HMV, Exeter (2006)

Other countries

  • Bart Smit - Elzaspassage Shopping Mall, Helmond, Netherland
  • Mall Chodov, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Wellington International Airport, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Victoria University (Kelburn Campus) - Student Union Building, Wellington, New Zealand
  • ZARA, The Venetian Macau, Macau, China (2018)
  • H&M Gurney Paragon, Penang, Malaysia (2013)


  • Cibes Lift also manufactures their products and marketed under the KALEA brand with different series. For example, their A#### platform lifts are marketed as KALEA A4. The same case also goes to NTD Lifts, another brand of the Cibes Lift Group.




Cibes A5000 Screw Driven Elevator @ Testebohallen, Hillevägen 14, Gävle, Sweden.

Cibes A5000 platform lift in Gävle, Sweden.

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