Not to be confused with China Electronics Service.

CEA S.r.l. is a company based in Milan, Italy which specializes in elevator components such as elevator fixtures (push buttons, panels and indicators), electronic systems, operating boards, etc. It was founded in 1978 by brothers Elio, Mario and Vittorio of the De Fusto generations.

List of elevator fixtures


  • Mouse: Oval shaped push buttons that are surface mounted on the panel.
  • Ring: Round vandal resistant buttons with a dot lamp in the middle and a frame. A version with illuminating halo is called Ring Light.
  • Round: Round silver or black buttons with a black frame. A version with illuminating halo is called Round Light.
  • X-Block 37: Square buttons with four inclined lines on the top left corner of the buttons. The version with thicker frame is called X-Block 37 MF.
  • Blindo: Round vandal resistant buttons without frame.
  • Arco: Arc shaped push buttons.
  • LUX: Round clear buttons with white frame.
  • RTN: Rectangular clear buttons.
  • RT 35: Rectangular buttons with illuminating halo and often braille marks.
  • QD 18: 18x18 mm clear square buttons.
  • TD 18: 18 mm diameter clear round buttons.
  • TD A20: 20 mm diameter round buttons with a silver frame.
  • TD 22: 22 mm round gold colored buttons with a dot lamp in the middle.
  • Stagno: Water and weather proof buttons.

Floor indicators

  • Multifunctional Display: LED dot matrix display with wider character resolution. It is also capable of displaying simple messages.
  • LCD-TFT display
  • Dot matrix display
  • Segmented display: These are all comes in 7 segments type.
  • Segmented direction arrow display


  • Slim: Surface mounted panels. CEA makes the Slim Line and Slim Speed series.
  • Column: CEA makes the Fixed Column (fix mounted panel), Hinge Column (hinged panel) and Slim Column (surface mounted panel) series.
  • Gold: Custom made panels made of thick brass.


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