BUT SAN is a Turkish elevator company that that provides elevator components, mainly push buttons and elevator fixtures. Although the year of establishment is unknown, the company claims it has been in business for more than 30 years.

List of elevator fixtures


With the exception for F6, FX6 and V2 series buttons, BUT SAN makes two types of buttons. The first one is a black button with "-ENS.BR" code, and the second one is a silver button with "-ENP.LS.BR" code. Both of these codes are placed after the button's series number (for example, B1-ENS.BR or K1-ENP.LS.BR)

  • B1: Surface mounted round button with braille, tactile, a silver frame and an illuminating halo.
  • B3: Similar to B1 but this is a flush mounted button.
  • Q5-M: This is a surface mounted round button with a sloped frame.
  • Q5-L: Similar to Q5-M but with a "pillowed" frame.
  • K1: Surface mounted square button with a sloped frame.
  • K2: Surface mounted square button with a convex frame.
  • R5: Completely flushed round button (without a frame)
  • T4: Completely flushed square button (without a frame)
  • F6: Surface mounted round button with a frame in the shape of a rounded square. BUT SAN makes two versions of this button; F6.L which is a flat button and F6.M which is a concave button.
  • FX6: Round concave button with an attached button plate.
  • V2: Round concave button with an attached button plate that looks very similar to ThyssenKrupp's High Protection buttons in Latin America. Two versions exists; V2-G.BR which is a gold button and V2-P.BR which is a silver button.
  • V3: Vandal resistant round button which is flat, and has a dot lamp in the middle as well as an attached button plate.


  • 7 segments display
  • Dot matrix display
  • LCD display
  • TFT display


  • Panell 2000 (S, SX and BX)
  • Panell (S, SX and BX)
  • Episode
  • Episode 232 (EB, KB and KS)
  • Flexline
  • Flat
  • Full Height Car Station
  • Slimline (SLX and SL)
  • 7000 Series
  • 9000 Series
  • S Series (not to be confused with Schindler's S-Series fixtures)
  • Noble Series
  • Panels for fireman's elevators
  • Antivandal

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