Attendant service (or Manual operation) is an elevator special mode which cancels all elevator operation orders and all running of elevator are controlled by attendant.


An attendant service switch (usually labeled Car Preference, Attendant, Manual or Reservation) shall be provided to initiate the following operations:

  • When the car is stopped at a floor, the door shall open automatically and shall remain open until closed by the attendant.
  • The door shall be closed by constant pressure on any one of the following controls: the door close button, a car call button, car switch or the up or down attendant direction buttons.
  • The car shall receive hall calls as they are normally assigned by the controller logic system, but response shall be determined by the attendant. A momentary buzzer shall sound, and attendant direction lights shall indicate whether the call originated above or below the car.
  • A bypass button shall be provided to override hall calls, permitting the attendant to proceed nonstop to a selected call. In some older Otis and Schindler elevators, and elevators installed with the buttons provided bt the non proprietary elevator component companies, bypass button is typically marked as "NS" (Non Stop). Refer to Attendant Service Panel Guide for photos of these buttons found in the car station.
  • In case of fire service mode, the attendant shall be notified by the audio visual fire warning indicator.


Elevator Special Modes 

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