Adams Elevator Equipment Company


1930 (United States)

Acquired by

Westinghouse (1982) Schindler (1989)


Adams Elevator Equipment Company is a USA-based company and the largest wholesale distributor of elevator and escalator replacement parts, elevator tools, elevator diagnostic tools, etc, including elevator fixtures. Adams manufactures and sells elevator and escalator parts to other elevator companies. They also manufactcure and sell replacement elevator and escalator parts for many different brands to elevator maintenance companies. This includes parts discontinued by their original manufacturer. Adams is a division of Schindler Elevator North America.


Adams Manufacturing was established in 1930. It started as a tiny 2 person machine shop. Sometime after that, the company changed their name to Adams Elevator Equipment Company. In 1982, Adams was acquired by Westinghouse. This might have been when they started making their own designs of elevator fixtures. Adams was acquired by Schindler in 1989 when Westinghouse was bought out.

Notable products


This sensor detects how full the cab is, but not by weight. This sensor uses infrared technology, and compares the current image to a saved image of an empty cab. If it detects a full cab, any hall calls will be dispatched to another elevator.

GateKeeper 3D

GateKeeper 3D is a 3D elevator door sensor associated with CEDES AG (cegard/3D[1]). It uses "Smart Camera" technology. It detects objects approaching the elevator doors, not just objects in the path of the doors. It is mounted on the top of the door jamb inside the elevator. It is easily installed, and can work alongside the old door sensors. This means less damaged objects, less injuries, and less damaged elevator doors.


LifeJacket is a safety system for hydraulic elevators. Adams claims it is the most cost-effective option, can be retrofitted for existing elevators, and provides the best protection against freefall. If it detects someting wrong, like fast downward movement, the LifeJacket grips the hydraulic ram.

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